Your thoughts are creative. When you are positive, loving and happy you create a lighter and more fun-filled experience of life, whilst when you are negative, depressed and judgemental everything just becomes harder. Why is it, then, that even though you can see the logic in this, you still at times get stuck in a negative mode of thinking? How can you learn to move past this and instead develop a more loving and positive mind-set?

Well it sometimes is not as easy as it sounds. Many times when the storms of life rage all around us, it feels more natural to be pulled down into the darkest, deepest depths of despair, making it very difficult to find the positive solutions that do exist to any problems we may be facing in life. To be able to climb up from the pit we find ourselves in, we need to develop strength, discipline and perseverance, and all of this comes through harnessing the power of our mind. If we have never developed a daily practice to strengthen our mental and spiritual muscles, then it is going to be hard to change the direction we are headed in – down into the abyss of despair – to being on course for a more positive and rewarding life. Our mind is like a muscle – it needs to be developed – so it can serve us, and our soul, well. Here are some tips for how you can do that.

  1. Choose to see what the positive learnings are for you
    When life brings challenges to your doorstep, such as worries, change, conflicts, grief, loss or some other challenge, then take a step back and ask yourself: What are the positive learnings here for me? What is it I need to know, learn and understand, to allow this to change and heal now?
  2. Let love be your guide
    In life there are two choices; love or fear. When you let love be your guide, you will be taken down one energy stream – a stream that is filled with divine wisdom, which knows the solutions to any problems you are facing. Trust this divine wisdom.
  3. Focus on gratitude
    When you make it a habit to focus on all that you are grateful for, you naturally connect with your soul’s energy. This opens your heart, calms your mind, and enables you to feel lighter and happier.
  4. Meditate every day
    By meditating daily you create a solid foundation to stand upon when one of life’s raging storms is knocking on your door. The more you learn to still your mind, the more it will become a servant to your soul, helping you to choose the loving thoughts from your soul, instead of the fear-based thoughts from your ego. This makes it easier for you to choose the thoughts you want to invest time and energy in. Whatever you focus on grows, so by focusing on love and positivity, you let the energy of love grow in your life – and who doesn’t want that?
  5. Become conscious of your own energy
    The energy you have within is the energy you use to create your life with. When you are stressed, you create a stressed world. When you are loving you create a loving world. Whichever energy you have within you right now, you can shift it by asking yourself the question: What is the most positive thought I could choose to focus on right now, so I can feel even better than this?

Text by Cissi Williams.